Circle of Life

20180912_213002Photo credit: Nick Rowland

Innocence, wisdom

A circle, Timeless Beauty



This is a picture that my son took of his daughter (my beautiful granddaughter).  When I saw it, it spoke to me.  I saw the circle of life in this shot, everything from the composition to the subject.  It made me write this haiku.



Change is Beautiful


Michigan  (Candid by Liz)


Michigan (Candid by Liz)

These photographs were taken on a train ride while visiting family in Michigan.  I love the changes all of the seasons bring, but there is just something about Autumn that I find to be truly magical.  The colors are just stunning, and there is something about the crispness of the air and the chill in the breezes.  Autumn is my new beginning each year, not Spring.  I seem to fully come alive physically and mentally in Autumn.  And I think the fairies do a beautiful job coloring the leafs.  😉

The Little Mermaid Girl and the Great White Shark – A Short Story for All Ages by K. D. Dowdall

I really enjoyed this story. I was cheering on the little mermaid girl! Beautifully written. K.D. Dowdall is such a wonderfully creative writer.

K. D. Dowdall

There was once a little girl who believed with all her heart she was a mermaid. The mermaid girl was living in Florida on the beautiful Gulf Coast, when her mother and grandmother took her and her siblings to the “Jetties” at Indian Pass to swim. It was a popular place for locals, but not well-known for tourists. The Jetties are breakers made of huge boulders that, like a pier, one can tie a boat up to. It wasn’t the sunniest of days to go swimming. Gray clouds covered the August sky, and the sea was rolling with drab green humps like whales coming to shore, a telling sign that in the far distance there had been a big storm churning up the waters.

The little girl was in fact, a natural mermaid. Anyone would think she had a tail, as she swam out farther than anyone else. Like a…

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