A Haiku For My Granddaughter


(Candid by Liz)

Whispering breezes

The water calling her name

Are you home, little one?


This post is not about my photography; it is about being a first time Grandma.  This is a picture of my Granddaughter looking at a Lake.  I was inspired to write this haiku because I never knew a little one who was so taken with water, like she is. I’m sure there are other children who love water also, but she is the one whom I see several times a week.  She is our little mermaid.  She loves bath time, she adores pools, and she enjoys going to a lake or the seashore.


A Small Exposure to Jim Thorpe, PA

Here are two shots I took of the beautiful small town in Pennsylvania called Jim Thorpe. It is lovely, both in the small, scenic town that looks like something out of Europe and in the surrounding countryside.


(Candid By Liz)

I took this photograph of the main shopping street in Jim Thorpe in the winter.


(Candid By Liz)

The one is of Mauch Chunk Lake–a beautiful area hiking, swimming, fishing, and relaxing spot right outside of the town. I loved the way the light dances on the surface of the water. That reminds of fairies playing above the water.

Rumpstone Fallows

I’m new at this, but hoping this is re-blogged. Please take a look at this wonderful site.


A sliver of Sir Alistair Chichester’s estate lies choked with brome and cocksfoot between the waste water treatment facility of Chichesterton-Upon-Hogg and the ancient Roman quarry. Known to locals as Rumpstone Fallows, the plot has served as a squat for birders and pikies in the past.

The Reverend Llewelyn Bidley-Spaulding, however, in his role as spiritual and temporal counselor to the great man, has sensitized Sir Alistair to the tax benefits of canny philanthropy on the part of persons encumbered with inherited wealth.

In a fit of charity pursuant thereto, Sir Alistair has donated the Fallows to the village for exclusive use as a polo field. Coal miners, barmaids, shopkeepers, petty tradesmen, redundant laborers, errand boys, indeed, bleeders, blokes and berks of every ilk may get a whiff of the sport of kings on a pauper’s budget.

The cost to punters will be only the day’s rate, generously discounted by Sir…

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This is my first blog post.  I try to do simple and honest photography with very little manipulation of the images.  I hope you enjoy them.  I am not criticizing others who use a great deal of manipulation with their images such as photo-shop; for me it is important to try to see and capture the image as true and honestly as possible.  This is why when I take photos of people, I prefer candid shots over posed.  Candid shots capture true feelings and can tell a real story about those people.  Too many memories can be lost by posed shots.

In my landscapes I also hope to capture the reality of the space as I see it.  The most I will ever do to an image is cropping.  I hope the physical nature of the image and its story comes through in my pictures.


A Bridge On The St. Joseph River in Colon, Michigan


snugharborSnug Harbor, Staten Island, NYC



Snug Harbor, Staten Island, NYC

The Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!


“Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

                                                                              Robert Frost




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